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Ecolodge Meditation & Naturopathy Center

Promoting healthy living and lifestyles.

J. B United’s first meditation & naturopathy retreat, Ecolodge Mahuli is under construction on 25 acres of land near Mahuli, Shahapur, just 2 kms from Manas Mandir. The group plans to open new health and naturopathy centres on the same lines in the near future and through this initiative, be a significant contributor towards promoting healthy living and lifestyles.


To promote healthy lifestyles via natural prevention and cure while steering lives closer to nature.

Key features

  • Sustainable approaches to the eco-property will be via means that reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Yoga, meditation and naturopathy center will help to develope healthy lifestyle by cleansing impurities of mind by making it progressively pure.
  • Develop tourism at nearby historical Mahuli fort and Mahuli bird sanctuary which will promote the social, economic welfare and uplift of the local community.


  • Yoga and meditation/ naturotherapy centre

    Total land allocated is 8,000 sq. m.

    • Yoga decks
    • Underground meditation
    • Naturotherapy centre
  • Restaurant

    Dining facility with seating capacity for 100.

    • Organic food only
    • Natural cooking facilities
  • Pods

    Eco-lodge will be constructed with all natural and eco-friendly materials.

  • Transportation/Parking

    To reduce carbon footprint, bicycle tracks, electric buggies on roads and pedestrian walkways are proposed.
    Parking for approximately 100 cars with security facilities.

  • Amphitheatre

    Space for open parties, camping halts and camp fires.

  • Organic farming

    Vegetables, Poultry, fisheries and a cattle farm .

  • Pool

    Traditional kund and rainwater reservoir.


  • Rock climbing

  • Trekking

  • Waterfall rappelling

    Eco-lodge will be constructed with all natural and eco-friendly materials.

  • Camping

  • Manas Mandir

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